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In findings published by the Children’s Society taken from their annual Good Childhood Report, “excessive social media use” is being blamed for a decline in children’s happiness, with body image, social media pressures and lack of strong friendships identified as potential driving factors. According to the report, almost a quarter of a million children in the UK (around 219,000) report being unhappy with their lives as a whole. It’s the lowest its been in 25 years and the lowest since records began in 1995. Labelling the decline a “national scandal”, Mark Russell, chief executive at The Children’s Society, said “today’s young people are becoming progressively unhappy with their friendships – one of the fundamental building blocks of wellbeing – as well as appearance. He went on to state that “excessive social media use is a factor linked to children’s low well-being.” The charity is urging the Government to introduce a national measurement of children’s wellbeing which experts can then respond to. To read the rest of the aricle click on the link below: