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As the long awaited return to school and college has now arrived, we, at, would like to do everything we can to support young people and parents to hopefully help make the return as smooth as possible. To aid with this we have produced a back to school brochure, to support young people which we hope you will find useful. You can find the brochures on the link below:

I have also attached a copy of the Kooth Live Forum Topics for September, these are the topics that will be being promoted on our discussion boards during the month of September:

Friday 25th September – Settling Back into Education
It’s that time of year again when summer is coming to an end and we need to start preparing to head back
to school, college or university. This was already a pretty stressful time of year before all the uncertainty
and the ups and downs that 2020 has brought, and we understand this may feel extra difficult this time
round. We can’t take those worries away, but we can tell you that you’re not alone and hopefully this live
forum will give you space to share those experiences, excitement and worries!

Monday 28th September – Youth Homelessness
Facing homelessness is difficult at any stage in life, but it can be especially upsetting for young people. For
this reason, we have linked up with the charity, Centrepoint, for tonight’s live forum and we will be creating
a safe and supportive space to chat about what youth homelessness is or might look like, the impact that
housing struggles can have on young people, and some different places to get support if you ever find
yourself in this position, in the hopes of raising awareness and improving attitudes towards homelessness.